18650 Energy Cells: What V3 users will need to know.

Rechargable-Lithium-CellsThe V3 Spikelights will be powered by a very special energy cell that will be whole new experience for most users (who aren’t electronics-nerds). It’s called the ’18650′ cell.

If you like to carry a spare battery with you, then I can confidently say, that spare 18650 cells are lighter, smaller and cheaper than any other headlight battery on the planet (for the same amount of energy stored).

Better yet, you can buy them all over the world in a very competitive market. Other high-end headlight manufacturers force you to use their own special-shaped battery. This means you have no control over the quality or the price – and if they stop selling them oneday, then that’s just too bad!

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A look at the old: The V2 Spikelight

The very new and vastly improved V3 Spikelight is almost here so I thought I’d better do a quick write-up on the old V2. This will just be a review of the stats and show how the second of my headlights motivated certain aspects of the third.

Here she is in all her glory: The V2 Spikelight!


Perhaps not the prettiest girl in school, but plenty of fun.  This one has been in constant use for about 18 months now.  Swimming, paddling, running, cycling – it certainly hasn’t been sitting on the shelf.  No makeup or digital retouching here, this is what real headlights look like. Don’t look too close at the headband (it started out white).

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