Spikelights Demonstration in Brisbane, QLD

The intense, long-range beam on our Spikelight Headlamps, is very special. It is unique in the world of headlamps and it really needs to be seen to be understood.  The style and construction are also completely different to anything else you’ll buy in a camping store.

If you’re in Brisbane, QLD and would like a demonstration, then email us or Contact Us Here. We’ll be giving demonstrations for the first two weeks of January.

Come and see what all the fuss is about!

Almost Free Upgrade Offer for V3 Spikelight Owners

If you already own a V3 Spikelight, then you might be interested in a small upgrade:

The hinge that lets you set the angle of the V3, has a special black screw. The screw lets you adjust the hinge from loose to tight according to your preference.  Unfortunately, you need to have superhuman finger strength (or just be a regular rock climber) to adjust the screw.

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