Spikelights at the WA Upside Down Rogaine this Weekend

If you’re coming to the WA Upside Down rogaine this weekend, then there are three good reasons for you to come and find me:

  1. I’ll be displaying a prototype of the new battery case. This new case will be a free upgrade to all V3 owners later this year.
  2. If you already have a V3, I may be able to slightly increase the range of your spot beam. It won’t be a big improvement, but it’s free, so you might as well let me try to make your V3 better.
  3. I’ve got a box full of new V3s to deliver to people who have already paid. I’ve also got a few extras if you want to buy one.

I’ll probably have a table somewhere near the Admin tent. If I’m not there, then look for a green Landrover Discovery II with a black roof rack. Ask for Ashley. See you there!