Beam Options in the V4 Spikelight

After many delays, we’re finally getting ready to send out the bulk of our V4 orders. We’re sorry for the delays, but the good news is that some new options have become available for you since you ordered.  This article will give you some details on those options so that you can make a choice.

Spot Options: Wide Spot or Narrow Spot

The Spot beam in our headlights is what has made them famous.  It’s the dedicated, long-range beam that shines further than any other comparable headlight.  In the V4 it is even better than before.

The Wide option is similar to the spot beam on earlier Spikelights, except that it is more powerful in the V4.  This is a very safe option and will not disappoint.


However, if you want the ultimate in long-range beams, then you’ll want the Narrow option. The Narrow beam is about three times more intense than the Spot beam in the earlier Spikelights. It shines much further, but it comes with some costs:

  • The Narrow beam is about half the width and height of Wide option. So if the Wide beam lets you see a whole tree at 200m, then the Narrow only shines on 1/4 of that tree. Of course, the Narrow beam lets you see trees at 300m that you probably couldn’t see with the Wide option.
  • The LED is heavily modified. This is where the magic happens. We take the best LEDs on the market, and then we cut them open and modify them to suit our needs. We’re operating in uncharted territory here and pushing the boundaries. So I’ve been torturing a few LEDs for months now and I’m pleased to say that none have failed yet. However, despite this testing, I can’t promise that the LED will outlast you or the headlight, because this is not something the poor LEDs were ever designed for. With the Wide option however, you can expect the LED to last longer than you’ll ever need.

The good news, is that the LEDs in the V4 can be replaced in a few minutes with basic tools. So if your Narrow beam does fail, you can replace it. Or if you want to change the LED to a newer version in the future, then you can do that too.

Flood Options: Sensible or High Power

The flood beam is the beam that most people will use most of the time.  It doesn’t have a particularly long range – but that’s what the spot is for! The flood is an extremely wide and smooth wash of nice-coloured light. The flood options relate to how much flood light you want.

Sensible is the option that I think everyone should use, but there is a High Power option for those who really want it.

Personally, I use the Sensible option and I rarely go above the 15% power level. However, some people love count ‘lumens’. (Someday I’ll write an article about why lumens are not the best way to compare lights.) To get more lumens, you need more power and so now you have the option to increase the maximum power level by 50%.


The High Power option is pushing the limits of what the flood LED can handle; it is 40% beyond the maximum level specified by the LED manufacturer. This is only possible in the Spikelight because our thermal management is far better than the industry standard. So I doubt that the High Power option will ever cause the LED to fail, but I can’t promise it. Of course you can always replace the LED yourself if something does happen.

While you can always swap the LED yourself, the power option will be hard-wired and cannot be changed after you receive your Spikelight.

Contact Us

So those are your options for your new V4 Spikelight.  If you are currently waiting for a Spikelight, then CLICK HERE and fill in your details and your preferences (Spot: Wide or Narrow, Flood: Sensible or High Power). Also give us your postal address if you’ve moved since placing your order.

Feel free to ask any questions about these options. We’re still planning to take some photos of the beams and give more detailed explanations, but right now we want to focus on getting the current batch of headlights sent.