WA Adventure Racers take on Africa (using their Spikelights)

In May 2014, several Western Australians travelled over to South Africa to take part in the Expedition Africa Adventure Race.  Congratulations to Lesa Muir, Tim Sikma, Janet Musker, Mark Imbert, Shane Lewis and Grant Pepper for doing WA proud in the 500km course of canoeing, hiking, cycling, abseiling and canyoning.

Want to see Spikelights in action in South Africa?  Check out Mogens Johansen’s fantastic photos of the race here. You’ll see Lesa Muir wearing hers while abseiling and Janet Musker in a canyon. Mark Imbert’s also using an early version Spikelight to check his map.  We’re pretty sure some of the other pictures are of Spikelights as well but it’s little hard to tell at that distance!

Mogens Johansen’s photos were also featured in the West Weekend on 19 July 2014.

West Weekend Cover

For Mogens Johansen’s online article on the photographic challenge of the WA team’s race, see here.

August is here and so is your new Spikelight

It’s time to release a new batch of Spikelights!


As promised, the latest batch of Spikelights are now shipping in August.  We’ll be showing them off this Friday night at the WA rogaine in New Norcia.  So if you want to try one out, then come along and have a play.

The best news is that (for the first time ever) we’ve got spares. So if you order now you won’t have to wait. You can even have one for the WA rogaine this weekend.

Updated Design

On the outside they look much the same, but the current batch of V4 Spikelights have a few improvements over the V4s we sold last year.  For starters, the flood beam is about 20% more efficient.  Then you’ve got our lithium cells which now have 10% more capacity.  So you’re looking at having more light for more of the night.

We shaved a few grams off the front lighthead and made the back battery pack more comfortable. Then we balanced the whole thing better with a softer cable and a higher quality elastic headband.

Of course we’re not done yet. We still plan to make improvements and offer them as free or cheap upgrades to all existing Spikelight owners.