We are making a NEW Spikelight

We will call it … the V5 Spikelight.

The V5 is going to be released at the World Rogaining Championships in Alice Springs this July.

In some ways the V5 will be like the V4

Head Torch -16 of 17- 2015-12-29

  • It will still have a SPOT and a FLOOD Beam.
  • We can still make you a custom light with different led colours, tints, and beam angles to suit your needs.
  • 2 x 18650 Lithium Ion cells will still be the power source. So you can still buy new batteries cheaply from all over the world.
  • The shape of the lighthead and battery case won’t change much, though several parts will have a more polished design. This blue Spikelight is a V4. V5 pictures will come soon.

In some ways the V5 will be a real upgrade

New Mounts

The V5 will use the GoPro mounting system for the lighthead. This will open up mounting options for helmets, handlebars, kayaks, or wherever else you want to mount a Spikelight.


The V5 will have some ‘BOOST’ modes. These are high-power modes which are unsustainable, but I think you’ll like them for the couple of minutes they last.

The FLOOD can run at 700 lumens all night long, but in BOOST mode it will have a maximum of 1500 lumens. (Think you need more lumens than that? Read my post on lumens here.)

The SPOT can reach about 250m all night long, but in BOOST mode it can reach up to 400m. Better still, it gains the extra range without getting narrower like it did in the V4.

beam_options v4_v5

Want one?

Of course you do.

They won’t be ready until August, but if you order now from the STORE you can get a $50 discount.

If you are going to the World Rogaining Championships then you can order yours now. We will deliver it at the event on the Friday night. Use the code: WRC2016 to get free shipping at the checkout.

Sign up to the blog and stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks.

Spike Lights in Brisbane next week

Spike Lights is going to be in Brisbane next week and we’ll be showing off our lights.

So come along, bring your other headlights, and put the Spikelight to the test.

Mount Coot-Tha, Tuesday, September 29, 6:30-8:30pm

Just outside Channel 9, Sir Samuel Griffith Dr, Mount Coot-Tha

The Tuesday event is being hosted by Wild Runners, and you are welcome to join them for a trail run around Mount Coot-Tha.

Join the Facebook event here or just come along.

Daisy Hill, Wednesday, September 30, 8:00-9:00pm

At the gate at the end of Daisy Hill road in Daisy Hill.

Join the Facebook event here or just come along.

If you need any more details then send us an email: admin@spikelights.com.au

How many lumens?

We get this question all the time and we’ve never published any official numbers.

It’s a pity that ‘lumens’ is such a popular measurement for comparing lights. Lumens gives you a number for the total amount of light energy but it tells you nothing about chromaticity, smoothness, angle, and intensity. It is especially painful that most manufacturers don’t give honest numbers anyway.

So before we tell you how many lumens you’ll get out of a Spikelight, we’ll look at some pictures and have a short lesson in light beams.

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WA Adventure Racers take on Africa (using their Spikelights)

In May 2014, several Western Australians travelled over to South Africa to take part in the Expedition Africa Adventure Race.  Congratulations to Lesa Muir, Tim Sikma, Janet Musker, Mark Imbert, Shane Lewis and Grant Pepper for doing WA proud in the 500km course of canoeing, hiking, cycling, abseiling and canyoning.

Want to see Spikelights in action in South Africa?  Check out Mogens Johansen’s fantastic photos of the race here. You’ll see Lesa Muir wearing hers while abseiling and Janet Musker in a canyon. Mark Imbert’s also using an early version Spikelight to check his map.  We’re pretty sure some of the other pictures are of Spikelights as well but it’s little hard to tell at that distance!

Mogens Johansen’s photos were also featured in the West Weekend on 19 July 2014.

West Weekend Cover

For Mogens Johansen’s online article on the photographic challenge of the WA team’s race, see here.

August is here and so is your new Spikelight

It’s time to release a new batch of Spikelights!


As promised, the latest batch of Spikelights are now shipping in August.  We’ll be showing them off this Friday night at the WA rogaine in New Norcia.  So if you want to try one out, then come along and have a play.

The best news is that (for the first time ever) we’ve got spares. So if you order now you won’t have to wait. You can even have one for the WA rogaine this weekend.

Updated Design

On the outside they look much the same, but the current batch of V4 Spikelights have a few improvements over the V4s we sold last year.  For starters, the flood beam is about 20% more efficient.  Then you’ve got our lithium cells which now have 10% more capacity.  So you’re looking at having more light for more of the night.

We shaved a few grams off the front lighthead and made the back battery pack more comfortable. Then we balanced the whole thing better with a softer cable and a higher quality elastic headband.

Of course we’re not done yet. We still plan to make improvements and offer them as free or cheap upgrades to all existing Spikelight owners.

Beam Options in the V4 Spikelight

After many delays, we’re finally getting ready to send out the bulk of our V4 orders. We’re sorry for the delays, but the good news is that some new options have become available for you since you ordered.  This article will give you some details on those options so that you can make a choice.

Spot Options: Wide Spot or Narrow Spot

The Spot beam in our headlights is what has made them famous.  It’s the dedicated, long-range beam that shines further than any other comparable headlight.  In the V4 it is even better than before.

The Wide option is similar to the spot beam on earlier Spikelights, except that it is more powerful in the V4.  This is a very safe option and will not disappoint.


However, if you want the ultimate in long-range beams, then you’ll want the Narrow option. The Narrow beam is about three times more intense than the Spot beam in the earlier Spikelights. It shines much further, but it comes with some costs:

  • The Narrow beam is about half the width and height of Wide option. So if the Wide beam lets you see a whole tree at 200m, then the Narrow only shines on 1/4 of that tree. Of course, the Narrow beam lets you see trees at 300m that you probably couldn’t see with the Wide option.
  • The LED is heavily modified. This is where the magic happens. We take the best LEDs on the market, and then we cut them open and modify them to suit our needs. We’re operating in uncharted territory here and pushing the boundaries. So I’ve been torturing a few LEDs for months now and I’m pleased to say that none have failed yet. However, despite this testing, I can’t promise that the LED will outlast you or the headlight, because this is not something the poor LEDs were ever designed for. With the Wide option however, you can expect the LED to last longer than you’ll ever need.

The good news, is that the LEDs in the V4 can be replaced in a few minutes with basic tools. So if your Narrow beam does fail, you can replace it. Or if you want to change the LED to a newer version in the future, then you can do that too.

Flood Options: Sensible or High Power

The flood beam is the beam that most people will use most of the time.  It doesn’t have a particularly long range – but that’s what the spot is for! The flood is an extremely wide and smooth wash of nice-coloured light. The flood options relate to how much flood light you want.

Sensible is the option that I think everyone should use, but there is a High Power option for those who really want it.

Personally, I use the Sensible option and I rarely go above the 15% power level. However, some people love count ‘lumens’. (Someday I’ll write an article about why lumens are not the best way to compare lights.) To get more lumens, you need more power and so now you have the option to increase the maximum power level by 50%.


The High Power option is pushing the limits of what the flood LED can handle; it is 40% beyond the maximum level specified by the LED manufacturer. This is only possible in the Spikelight because our thermal management is far better than the industry standard. So I doubt that the High Power option will ever cause the LED to fail, but I can’t promise it. Of course you can always replace the LED yourself if something does happen.

While you can always swap the LED yourself, the power option will be hard-wired and cannot be changed after you receive your Spikelight.

Contact Us

So those are your options for your new V4 Spikelight.  If you are currently waiting for a Spikelight, then CLICK HERE and fill in your details and your preferences (Spot: Wide or Narrow, Flood: Sensible or High Power). Also give us your postal address if you’ve moved since placing your order.

Feel free to ask any questions about these options. We’re still planning to take some photos of the beams and give more detailed explanations, but right now we want to focus on getting the current batch of headlights sent.

Pre-order Discount Ends and V4 Spikelight Announcement

It has been great to see so many people taking up the discounted pre-order. We had hoped to be sending out the pre-ordered Spikelights by now, but it looks like they’ll be shipping towards the end of October.

We are sorry for the delay, but there is some good news.

If you have pre-ordered a V3, then you will actually receive a V4 SPIKELIGHT!

Externally, the V4 will look just like the V3, but internally, it’s a whole new headlight.

  • Spot Beam: 3 times brighter
  • Flood Beam: Optional 50% power increase
  • All LEDs: Easily replaceable and upgradable in future
  • Lithium Cells: New Blazar cells with 10% more capacity

More detailed specifications are coming soon in another post.

Congratulations to all those who have taken advantage of the pre-order discount. The discount is now finished and V4 Spikelights can be ordered as per normal through the store.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Spikelights at the WA Upside Down Rogaine this Weekend

If you’re coming to the WA Upside Down rogaine this weekend, then there are three good reasons for you to come and find me:

  1. I’ll be displaying a prototype of the new battery case. This new case will be a free upgrade to all V3 owners later this year.
  2. If you already have a V3, I may be able to slightly increase the range of your spot beam. It won’t be a big improvement, but it’s free, so you might as well let me try to make your V3 better.
  3. I’ve got a box full of new V3s to deliver to people who have already paid. I’ve also got a few extras if you want to buy one.

I’ll probably have a table somewhere near the Admin tent. If I’m not there, then look for a green Landrover Discovery II with a black roof rack. Ask for Ashley. See you there!

V3 Waiting List

In the last few months, a few V3s have been released into the wild.  Some to locals and some to people who have been pestering me since Jan 2011.  Feedback has been positive enough to start a waiting list.

This post will outline:

  • Prices.
  • How to get on the waiting list.

So if you’re keen to get your hands on a V3, then read on after the jump.

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