User Interfaces

User Interfaces

At this time, there are three options.

  • Competition
  • Competition Plus
  • Simple

The ‘Competition‘ and ‘Competition Plus‘ are the most efficient to use during a race because you can always get to the beam you want quickly.

The ‘Simple‘ is the easiest to use the first time, but is less efficient during a race.



Let’s start with the Simple UI. Every time you press the button it goes to the next mode.  Very easy to use but if you want to go from Spot to High Flood, then you have to go past Off, Low and Medium.  I don’t like wasting time on things like that during a race. It is also annoying if you start to wonder what power level you are in – you have to go all the way around just to confirm that you were already in the top level.



Watch the video to get a feel for it. Please excuse the video quality.  I’d rather spend my time making headlights than videos!

The video just shows the same thing over and over again.  If you get bored, then feel free to stop watching.

NB: The bit at the end of the video says the Simple UI has 4 flood options.  That is wrong.  It now only has 3.

Competition Plus


If you want special modes, then you can go for the ‘Plus‘ UI.  Same basic idea as the Competition UI, but now there’s an extra mode, accessible with a double click from the off position.  If you double click again from the ‘Extra’ mode, then you go into ‘Lock’ mode.  From there, the headlight ignores all long and short clicks so that it can’t get turned on in a bag.  To get out you double click and end up in competition mode.  While in ‘Lock’ mode, it flashes every 10 seconds just so you know that it’s locked.  It’ll last a year in that mode before the battery wears out, so don’t worry about wasting energy!

Competition Plus is the one we recommend for everyone and so we’ve made it cheaper in the store.

Minimum Runtimes

(Using 2 x 3500mAh 18650 cells)

  • Flood 1%  - 400 hrs
  • Flood 5% – 80 hrs
  • Flood 15% – 18 hrs
  • Flood 25% – 12 hrs
  • Flood 40% – 10 hrs
  • Flood 100% – 4 hrs
  • Spot 100% – 3.5 hrs

Please note that the above are the minimum times at full brightness. After the above times the light will slowly start to dim but it will keep running for many more hours. Contact us for more detailed information.

Low Power Protection

All UIs have a low power protection that disables the brightest modes when the battery is almost dead.  In an emergency, this lets you have many more hours of light on the lowest modes instead of wasting all you have left on 2 or 3 minutes of high.

Changing the UI

At any time you can change the UI by plugging it into you computer and installing a different piece of software.  It’s an ATTINY85V microcontroller for those who are interested.  You can write your own software or we can send you the files.

Any questions?

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